ESP Overview

Actual it´s nearly impossible to count all the variations of the actual ESP8266 and ESP32 developer boards availaible at amazon, bangoods and ali express. Neverthe less i´ll try to document some of the boards i actual use and what they´re good for in some of the next posts.  Over the time i´ve collected many of the „standard“ representatives and also some of the more unusual types. They all have in common that they´re available for hobby developer and electronics nerds.

The power supply for most of them needs  3.3V or 5V depends on if there are voltage converters included or not. The main use cases most people see in this little boards are building cheap little IoT devices on their own.

The start of my short introduction round will be the:


which was the first ESP8266 i´ve started with.

Over the time I collected several other devices, like the Sonoff Basic, Sonoff Mini, NodeMCU ESP8266, ESP01, ESP32, OBI WIFI plugs, LILYGO TTGO T-Journal ESP32, Geekcreit® ESP32-CAM WiFi + bluetooth Camera Module, HiGrow ESP32 and some others i will also try to describe and how or for what i´m using this.