Home network

Actual i´ll have to do an inventory of my home network. Here is a short overview of how i´ve done it till now. Due to a relocation next year i´ve to rebuild most of the network and reorganize the network structure. There for i want to establish ne zones. Today there are 3 Zones in my network:

  1. Living
  2. Basement
  3. Garage

Every zone is connected via Powerline Modules. I´ve started with Powerline in 2010 with Belkin 1000 Gigabit Kit. After some years 2 off 4 modules where defect so i switched completly to TP-LINK TL-PA8030P KIT.

The network bandwith fluctuates but i get about 600Mbit to the basement form the first floor. and about 200MBit to the garage. Thats more than enough for a HD Video stream and controlling the garage door from a Raspberry Pi.

Core of my Network is a Fritz!Box 7590 + FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E and a Synology DS-916+ with 8GB RAM an 16 GB Harddrives. For the basement i use a Fritz!Box 7360SL as WiFi AP and a BlackBox SmartSwitch for all connected devices. In the garage i use a Fritz!Box 7170 for Wifi and a Raspberry PI B 2.0 for the garage door opbener and a magnetic switch sensor to get the information about the door state. I will document the garage setting in a future post when i´ll set it up on the new location.

restart …

What could i start with? This will be my platform to share the projects i´ve done or doing in scope of IoT and homeautomation.

As of today i´m working with:

  • Raspberry Pi (12x)
    • Zero (1x)
    • Zero W (2x)
    • 1 Mod B (3x)
    • 2 Mod B V1.2  (2x)
    • 3 Mod B  (2x)
    • 4 – 2GB (2x)
  • ESP8266/ESP32
    • LoLin NodeMCU(3x)
    • Wemos D1 (24x)
    • Wemos Mini Pro (3x)
    • ESP-01 (5x)
    • Sonoff Baisc (1x)
    • Obi Powersocket (3x)
    • Sonoff RF Bridge (1x)
    • Ikea TradFree
    • ESP32 – HiGrow
    • ESP32 – TTGO Journal
    • ESP32 – CAM
    • ESP32 – NodeMCU
  • Sensors
    • BME280
    • BMP280
    • BMP680
    • AHT10
    • DS18B20
    • DHT22 (AM3201)
    • DHT11
    • MAX44009
    • HC-SR501 PIR
    • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic
  • Synology DS916+
    • Docker
      • Node-Red
      • OpenHab
      • Mosquitto
      • Grafana
      • Portainer
      • Telegraf